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A Family Ministry - Calvary Baptist Church of Rayville is a family of God, committed to growing together in Christ. We are committed to minister to each member of every family and to the future of this church family by investing in the lives of our children, teenagers and young adults.

Missions Focused - our worldview calls us as blessed Americans to generously and sacrificially support missions as a part of our commitment to the great commission. As well, we are focused and always refocusing on our missions.

Serious Disciples - our emphasis is on self-denial and the Christian disciplines, seeking to please God and not men, consecrating us in devotion to the Lord and cooperating with the Holy Spirit in the process of sanctification. We are committed to holy living.

Passionate Involvement - in ministry and service to each other. Calvary Baptist Church is a church, which lives a shared ministry concept to incredible proportions. Each year, we have scores of our members involved in ministry efforts.

Calvary Baptist Church of Rayville is a member of the
Heartland Baptist Association
Missouri Baptist Convention
Southern Baptist Convention